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A horse

A horse's gear

Chilean saddles are very comfortable and suitable for horse trekking. They do not have anything in common with dressage, show jumping, western riding or all-purpose saddles. Chilean saddles have a unique style; its stirrups are completely closed on the end-tip, finished in metal, leather or from a single piece of wood, some finely ornamented. The saddle base is more or less oval-shaped, tailored to the horse's backside. Its mounted on one or more thickly rectangular pads, some use rectangular layers of fur (often sheepskin) and sometimes a top layer of leather. Although the saddle is relatively soft and well padded, you will doubtlessly feel some backside discomfort by the end of the second day, especially if you are not used to riding long distances. By the third day, however, you will finally begin enjoying the ride.

The Chilean snaffle is mostly rather unadorned and comes with simple, double or unbroken snaffle-bits, as well as a leverage snaffle bit, alike the "sweet bit" of Western bridles. Instead of head collars, halters are set underneath the snaffle, which may also be used without the snaffle, as a head collar. Chilean head collars are unlike European or North American ones, and you will certainly not need gaiters or additional reins to ride the Chilean style.
A horse: A horse's gear

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