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Excursiones a caballo en Chile

Cabalgatas en Chile
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What is horse trekking
Horse trekking in Chile
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The Chilean horse
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What exactly is horse trekking?

Horse-trekking best describes the concept of a horse-assisted expedition of traversing nature, the wilderness and the countryside on horseback. Your horse becomes both your transportation vehicle and your travel companion, partaking in every adventure.
Unlike classical trekking, horse trekking offers you distinct advantages:
  • Move faster on horseback than on foot
  • Travel in the wilderness without the agony of backpacks
  • Obstacles such as rivers, jagged and steep slopes, are easier to overcome
The following pages provide information for people riding for the first time, who have never been on a horse in Chile before, or have little experience with horses. Nevertheless, we also offer tips for the skilled horse-trekker. Local horse-trekking guides and operators provide on-site instructions.

All routes focussing on the contact to locals are marked with the “Meet the people” logo.
Horse trekking in Chile

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