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Meet the people

Chile offers magnificent landscapes throughout the Andes Mountain Range. However, most visitors limit themselves by only visiting natural settings, often avoiding other inviting offers such as learning and meeting local people. Meeting people doesn't become an easy task for most, particularly when there might be a language barrier, and when you not know if the locals share your interest.

However, a typical Chilean is mostly interested in meeting travelers from other nations and cultures. Notwithstanding the above, a typical Chilean lacks opportunities to meet people and tends to be shy. These features brought the idea of creating a program upon which foreigners and locals meet each other.

This project results from the cooperation between the governmental organization Fosis (Solidarity and Social Investment Fund) and Turismo Caminante, a Chile based tour operator. The Meet the People program wants to develop tourism in the Andes and help people from local communities to participate actively. We hope you will like visiting these areas where some of the most natural, tipical and authentic Chileans live.
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